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Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy at Haney Physiotherapy in Maple Ridge, BC

Chronic pain can feel hopeless and like it will never go away – but there is hope with Pain Therapy at Haney Physiotherapy in Maple Ridge, BC.

Chances are, your choices have become limited daily by your chronic pain. You hesitate even to get up, let alone go out to engage in the activities you enjoyed before. Of course, this is all upsetting emotionally, which seems to make the pain worse, and you end up in a downward spiral feeling hopeless.

Chronic Pain Responds to Pain Therapy

Fortunately, chronic pain responds very well to pain therapy when performed by an experienced physiotherapist at Haney Physiotherapy. If you are in the Maple Ridge area, we can help you feel less pain and improve your quality of life.

Treating chronic pain is as complex as the pain itself. With physiotherapy pain therapy for chronic pain, your treatment goes beyond pain pill prescriptions and a vain hope that the pain will eventually disappear.

The healing process begins with a meeting with your physiotherapist at Haney Physiotherapy in Maple Ridge, BC. They study and ask about your medical history and conduct a comprehensive exam to determine your current condition.

They work to understand the nature of your pain and the root causes before developing a unique treatment plan tailored for you. This plan usually includes several modalities, all designed to improve your pain. First, we provide you with short-term relief and then move to more long-term pain relief by addressing the underlying causes.

Haney Physiotherapy in Maple Ridge, BC

If you suffer from chronic pain, reach out to us at Haney Physiotherapy in Maple Ridge, BC. You can meet with a physiotherapist who is a specialist in chronic pain, tell your story, and get a solid plan for improvement.

Many chronic pain patients feel they are ignored or pushed aside by other medical professionals. But here at Haney Physiotherapy, we understand the core issues and how to help. Don’t suffer any longer. Reach out today for hope and healing!

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