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Back Strain

Get Reliable Physiotherapy Treatment for a Back Strain in Maple Ridge

Back strains can be a serious issue that needs highly skilled treatment. Your Back is a very complicated structure with both muscles and tendons. The fibrous bands of tissue that connect muscles to bone, sometimes get injured, and we know this as a back strain.

What Is Back Strain?

According to healthcare professionals, a back strain is a common problem that can arise while stretching the muscles or tendons. When a back strain occurs, muscle or tendons get twisted or pulled, and these are typically ones that are connected to the spine.

A repetitive movement of a muscle or can be a cause of a back strain. There are multiple reasons for back strains.

  • Improper heavyweight lifting
  • The excessive curving of back muscles
  • Overstressing of back muscles
  • Having weak back muscles that can be affected by common muscle pressure

Why Visit Haney Physiotherapy for your Back Strain in Maple Ridge?

When you suffer from a back strain, the first thing that you need the most is a physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy can cure the strain of the knot in just a few sessions.

There are some great physiotherapists in Maple Ridge  where you can get quality treatment for your back strain. Haney Physiotherapy provides a reliable physiotherapy treatment and has been proudly serving the Maple Ridge Community for years.

Back strains are a common pain point derived from muscles and tendons, but with proper physiotherapy treatment you won’t need to rely on prescription medicines. Physiotherapy is a method that does not bear side effects and it has the power to strengthen your body. If you are looking for a physiotherapist for your back strain in Maple Ridge, you can confidently choose Haney Physiotherapy.

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